About Us

Bio Geneca is a pharmaceutical corporate founded for the new era. Inspired by the sole of science, we come to the healthcare community with broad horizons and revolutionary prospective, all ruled by green concept and high sense of social responsibility.

In confident and steady steps, our portfolio is extending to cover almost all healthcare multi disciplines, securing innovative and reliable cure for the patient with affordable cost.


Armed with 10 years of experience in the Egyptian market, we are committed to provide the most reliable and healthcare solutions for the market.
We take the hard way to pick out the novelist scientific implementations and introduce them for the patient in sustainable cost and with uncompromising quality.


B ecoming one of Egypt first row of healthcare incorporates
I dentified by commitment, integrity, and success
O ffering highly qualified, and market leader products
G uaranteeing highly trained crew for caring your business
E ntrepreneuring with novelty
N ationalizing the advanced global pharmaceutical technology
E mpowering the pharmaceutical market by enormous investments
C onstructing our Research and development center for healthcare innovation
A ll above mentioned are yet the beginning..


Founders of Bio Geneca started gathering their visions for the corporate since .
Bio geneca declared in under the Egyptian laws and regulations.
The first launch in …. and included 4 generics.